Anna Lisa Kleiner

Advisor and consultant for climate protection and sustainability

Municipal climate protection advice, strategy advice, project implementation
Anna Kleiner

Anna Lisa Kleiner is a passionate senior consultant in different areas of sustainability and climate protection manager. Her academic roots are in sustainability science and landscape planning and architecture. In addition to classical project management and consulting activities, she conceptualized and realized several collaborative, transdisciplinary projects promoting socio-ecological transformations since 2012. The opportunity to develop something new while inspiring, encouraging and supporting people makes her flourish.  Her broad project and work experience in sustainability and climate change consulting, climate change management, science communication and management, environmental education, and experiential education allowed her to take on a correspondingly wide range of perspectives.


  • B.Sc. Landscape Planning and Architecture.
  • M.Sc. Sustainability, Society and the Environment
  • Certified climate protection manager and experiential educator