At full throttle towards the future - 2 days future workshop

Strengthening our digital offerings, developing new ideas and getting the best out of us and our magazines for our readers - these were the goals of a two-day workshop by our editorial and graphics team. Teresa Inclán accompanied us. We had a lot of ideas, a good portion of motivation, but also at least as many questions in our heads when we started our "future workshop" at the beginning of November. Where would we be at the end of the two days? Which future topics are the most important for our work? What new projects can we get on track? And how can they be implemented really efficiently? In order to be able to answer all these questions at the end, we started with an inventory in which we highlighted our strengths, weaknesses and unique selling points.


Step by step and with a lot of (contagious!) enthusiasm, Teresa then led us through various practical units and exercises, which gradually made many question marks disappear. There was no "stiff" concept that we had to work our way along. On the contrary: Teresa managed to tailor everything to us and our needs and to always respond to our wishes. In this way, we finally came closer and closer to our goal: to develop concrete plans and strategies from our initial ideas, some of which were still somewhat vague. With Teresa's help, we set ourselves focal points, developed teams of experts and finally the ideas just bubbled out of us. In the end, there was a joint roadmap for the future, which we are now implementing step by step.

Mirjam Stein, falkemedia