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Getting to know and using online tools in digital events and trainings

Miro Board zu den Liberating Structures

In February 2021, the staff at kobra.net GmbH carried out an internal online training on the subject of “Getting to know and using online tools in digital events and trainings”, which was implemented by minc. Overall, the training achieved a high level of satisfaction.

The agreed training goals were fully achieved. The participants particularly appreciated the method-rich, didactically conducive to learning and application-oriented teaching of the training content as well as the pace of learning. The colleagues received numerous suggestions for the varied design of online events from a technical point of view and in relation to customer-oriented moderation. The balance between input phases for the presentation of new tools, their practical testing and space for questions, exchange and reflection was assessed as balanced. A professionally and attractively designed reader supports the transfer to work practice.

The experience-based learning approach made the participants happy and supports a high learning effect. Teresa Inclán and Anton Mikoleit moderated the two-part event professionally, sympathetically and authentically. The organization and preparation in advance were consistently reliable, timely and extremely service-oriented.

The kobra.net management also appreciates that the training has contributed to the expansion of knowledge and to the further professionalization of the organization and thanks Teresa and Anton for the pleasant cooperation.

Claudia Buschner
Head of the cooperation center for inclusive growing up, kobra.net GmbH