What is coaching?

Professional coaching is a result- and solution-oriented form of consulting for people with management tasks in organizations and companies. As a practice-oriented consulting process tailored to individual needs, coaching supports changes in behavior in the professional role. Concerns for coaching arise from the professional role, for example when it comes to defining roles or dealing with conflicts.

The aim of coaching is to support an individual or collective learning process and to promote future-oriented developments of the company or organization.

Our approach to coaching

As a coach, we enable the client to sharpen his/her own self-reflection and perception in the coaching process and to identify the causes of problems. We use various process-oriented methods and are available as a neutral sparring partner. The aim of coaching is for the client to develop his/her own solutions for his/her individual concerns.

Examples of our work as a coach

  • Reflection on your own professional role
  • Preparation of performance reviews
  • Handling feedback
  • Work-life balance
  • Time and self-management 
  • Decision making for your professional future

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