Multi-stakeholder partnerships

We accompany multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSPs) in Germany and internationally in all phases - from initiation to further development. We provide support in the form of consulting, training and moderation. Due to the high complexity of MSPs, we clarify individually for each project which support format is suitable.

Kurhula, Anton und Teresa im minc Büro

Multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSPs) are forms of cooperation in which different actors from different sectors (e.g. governments, businesses, civil society organizations, academia) work together on a specific issue or challenge. These partnerships aim to pool resources, expertise, experience, and spheres of influence to achieve common goals and drive positive change.

By engaging diverse stakeholders, different perspectives become visible and audible, and broader approaches to solutions are developed. By working together, MSPs can combine resources, expertise, and experience from different sectors. This can create synergies, for example, in mobilizing resources, implementing actions at different levels, or influencing policy-making processes. Multi-stakeholder partnerships aim to promote long-term change and sustainable development. By working together, they can help define common goals, develop strategic plans, and implement actions that go beyond short-term projects.
MSPs also provide a platform for building networks, sharing experiences and learning together. Through regular dialogue and collaboration, actors can learn from each other, strengthen their capacities, and develop networked solutions.