Youth Leadership Training for Sustainable Development

The Youth Leadership Training for Sustainable Development, or LNE for short, empowers young people to turn their visions into concrete projects. Taking into account the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, pupils not only learn new skills, but also have the opportunity to become changemakers. In this way, they shape a sustainable future in their community, school or personal environment.

The training is a project for the implementation of education for sustainable development with a focus on development education and social entrepreneurship education.

Schulklassen Workshop

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • know their own strengths
  • see opportunities for change in global and regional challenges
  • know the basics of social entrepreneurship
  • learn to develop visions and ideas with the ball bearing method
  • learn to initiate projects
  • apply the youth leadership competencies and principles for sustainable development to their project ideas
  • receive optional project coaching for further support of initiated projects


Schools can apply for a grant of 90%. We are happy to assist with the application process.