Inner Work

Are you part of the solution? Hand open for yes, hand in fist for no. Wrinkled brows, smiling corners of the mouth, hesitantly stretched palms forward, thoughtfully clenched fists, laughter, murmurs - and the desire to get straight into a conversation together about ideas, values, wishes, ways. But first, let's move on: do we give value to the right things? Do you rebel? Do you dive in? ...

Hand open for yes, hand in fist for no.

These questions come from inner work - dialogue game for sustainable development. This card set mixes up, because the name is program:

123 reflection questions let you dive deep into big and small questions, invite you to inquire, question, reflect, make you want to philosophize, ponder, discuss and come up with new ideas.

An additional push of cards motivates to get into dialogue beyond the edge of the plate, the edge of the playing cards - about sustainability: On 17 colorful tiles inner work gathers the SDGs, 17 goals of the United Nations for sustainable development. From NO POVERTY to EQUALITY to CLIMATE PROTECTION, the SDGs set standards for sustainable development worldwide. In the card game, they provide impulses to discuss the reflection questions in the different contexts. In this way, new topics, perspectives and game variations are constantly emerging. 

We use inner work in various contexts: from educational work, to companies and organizations, in facilitation, to project and team development processes. The game was invented in Aarhus by the Danish organization "Center for Væredygtighed". We at minc have translated the game into German, slightly expanded it and brought it to Kiel - in cooperation with a network of Danish and German (educational) actors. The project was funded as "1 Game, 2 Cities, 17 Goals" by the City of Kiel in the context of the city partnership Kiel-Aarhus.

inner work is not a classic card game, even if it is just as much fun - despite or because of the inner work it triggers. Anyone can play it anywhere, whether in the classroom, at a conference, in team meetings, online or offline, around the campfire or in the boardroom. Whether in threes, thirties, alone or in a large group - the game always triggers reflection work, playfully linked to education for sustainable development. The goal of the game is to win, but not in the classical sense - instead, insights and exchange about values, wishes and ways for a changing world.


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